Originally developed in 1993, this software aides the sheriff’s office specifically in processing levies.  Over the past several years, there have been many substantial changes in the laws governing executions and levies,  including:  1) no more docketing and indexing writs of execution, 2) charging  a liquidation fee of $500 for each levy, 3) and allowing the sheriff to charge a processing fee per levy.  Due to their complexity, levies can be difficult to manage, even for counties who process only a few levies a year, thus making the WinLevy software a vital tool.

Key Features:

   ○ fiscal accountability for deposits, costs, fees, and sale proceeds throughout the

       entire levy and sale process

   ○ generate receipts for deposits, sale proceeds, and judgment payoffs

   ○ flexible interest rate calculations, with total number of days shown

   ○ ability to process credit bids

   ○ allow for processing multiple judgments for the same levy

   ○ clean, tabular data-entry screens

   ○ data searching by plaintiff, defendant, case number, and attorney