Key Features:

    ○ receipting of all monies

    ○ processing non-paid services (freebies) from state attorney, public defender, etc.

    ○ generating receipts, deputy worksheets, and returns of service

    ○ data searching by name of person or business served, case number, address,

       and many other data fields

    ○ general reports, including financial ledgers, billing reports for Department of

       Revenue or other agencies, and listing reports for types of processes being served

    ○ various statistical reports, including deputy service totals, service totals by types

       of process being served, and totals for served versus unexecuted process



This is our flagship product for serving both non-enforceable and enforceable writs.  As a windows desktop application, WinCivil is designed with a very user friendly interface.  It handles all the major aspects vital to the serving of judicial process.