About Us


This year marks the 25th anniversary of providing computer software services to Florida Sheriffs.   My father-in-law, Iven Lamb Jr., invited me to begin a business with him to provide his clients with computer software that would aide them in processing their civil documents.  Lamb Computer Service, Inc., as it was first known, began in January of 1987.  There were seven (7) Florida counties that first year that began using our Civil Process software.  By 1990, over 40 Florida Sheriffs were using our software programs for their civil processing needs.


 In 1996 the company was restructured and renamed Hutson Computer Service, Inc.  Mr. Lamb was retained as legal consultant until 2002.  There continues to be an emphasis on the element of “service”, which sets Hutson Computer Service apart from other civil software companies vying for your business.  The value of long-term partnerships in providing civil software continues to be the focus of our services.