○ Over 25 years of experience in developing software for Civil Process

○ Maintain the vital relationship between civil software and the laws

   governing the service of judicial process. (Laws WILL and DO change!)

○ Software that is designed specifically with Civil Process in mind. Many

   software packages claim to “do all” for a sheriff’s office, yet many users

   find that the Civil Process module is more of an after-thought than priority

   and lacks the full range of functionality.

○ Ability to create a customized software solution specific to your needs

○ Receive software updates as needed by law, or in general when new

   updates are available.

○ Network of over 35 counties within Florida using the same software.

○ Technical support is included.

○ Give priority to Civil Process within your Sheriff’s Office.



Civil Process is our Priority.

With 25 years of experience and the ability to custom design software specific to your needs, Hutson Computer Service beats "out of the box" software every time!